"I'm a Shadow Sibling & that's my superpower."

Claire Reyhle, Co-Author of SHADOW SIBLINGS the Book

Nicole Leinbach and Claire Reyhle are a mother and daughter duo who were inspired to write SHADOW SIBLINGS: Discovering Your Unknown Superpower by their son and brother, respectively, who has a rare autoimmune disease that caused him to lose all of his body hair at the age of three.

The years that followed led Leinbach to view the unique role her daughter, Claire, had as a sibling to a brother who was – as Leinbach often said – born to stand out. Though he typically received more attention and needed additional care at times, Claire also had a unique role in being in his “shadow”. Leinbach affectionately referred to Claire as his shadow sibling, and together they wrote SHADOW SIBLINGS: Discovering Your Unknown Superpower as a way to inspire and support other siblings who may also stand in the shadows of their own brothers or sisters who need extra care or get extra attention due to circumstances, medial challenges or experiences out of their control. As Claire began to say over the years, being in the shadow of her brother was and is her superpower… and one she is proud of. It is the hope of Claire and her mother to share this same message with others through SHADOW SIBLINGS: Discovering Your Unknown Superpower to help bring attention and well deserved respect to the millions of children around the world who also can identify with being shadow siblings.

Claire is 12 years old going on twenty something at times with a passion for sports, makeup, dancing, baking and being with friends. Jackson is 11 and enjoys playing golf, video games and traveling as often as he can with his family. He dreams of growing up to be a cinematographer or director one day and is currently writing his own book together with his mother. Claire and Jackson help to manage the SHADOW SIBLINGS social media accounts, where you can connect with them via Instagram at @Shadow_Siblings.

While this is Leinbach’s first children’s book, she is no stranger to writing. Leinbach is also the Author of the book Retail 101: The Guide to Marketing & Managing Your Retail Business, founder of the online publication RetailMinded.com and is globally recognized for her expertise in the business of retail. She has contributed to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, the UK’s The Telegraph and many other publications. You can keep with Leinbach and her adventures by connecting with her via Instagram at @RetailMindedWorld or Twitter at @RetailMinded.

Leinbach and her children reside in Denver, Colorado with their extended and blended families.

Learn more about SHADOW SIBLINGS and share your own story of what it’s like to be a shadow sibling at ShadowSiblings.com.