Shadow Sibling Claire Reyhle with her brother Jackson.

Some Kids Are Born to Stand Out.

Others Shine Brightest In Their Shadows.
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Some kids are born to stand out while others shine brightest in their shadows. This story is about a young girl realizing that despite having a brother with a unique medical situation, she is grateful to be in a position that supports her brother and even makes her feel like it’s her superpower to help him. In the book SHADOW SIBLINGS, the main character Emma discovers that many families consist of having kids with special needs, challenges or circumstances that make them different. Various children are introduced within this story that also have siblings who experience their own unique challenges, ultimately helping Emma realize she is not alone. This is a story of hope, love and acceptance ideal for all ages while bringing spotlight to kids who we affectionately refer to as SHADOW SIBLINGS. PRE-ORDERS RECEIVED BY APRIL 15, 2021 WILL RECEIVE AUTOGRAPHED COPIES. 

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"I just want to go lay down and cry."

Ashton, Shadow Sibling to Sister With Williams Syndrome

"If we're not together, it just feels empty."

Abigail, Shadow Sibling of Sister With Epilepsy & Stroke

"I didn't realize what was going on."

Ella, Shadow Sibling to Sister Who Had Cancer

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